Let's teach children to read

The program includes 3 blocks, lasting three months everyone. 

When passing all program – the child will learn to read, understand read and to retell. 

Trial occupation is free (on the first occupation testing of children is held) 

The recommended age of pupils from 4 to 7 years 

Duration of one occupation of 30 minutes, two times a week. 

Groups to 8 people. 

 1 block. 

Attending classes your child: 

- will learn the alphabet 

- will learn to distinguish what is a letter what is a sound 

- will learn to distinguish vowels and concordants 

- will learn to define ringing – the deaf, soft – firm sounds 

- will learn to put sounds in syllables, to read syllables, to divide into syllables. 

- will learn to put from syllables words, and from words - offers 

 2 block (it is designed for the children able to read syllables.)

At the second stage child: 

- will learn to read offers and texts 

- will be able independently to work with the abc-book exercise machine 

- will retell and learn by heart short texts 

- will get acquainted with exclamatory, interrogative and narrative sentences and punctuation marks 

- will learn to make of words offers, and of a set of offers to form the coherent text 

3 block. 

At the third stage child: 

- improves skill of reading 

- gets acquainted with the concept "accent in the word" 

- learns to define the beginning and the end of the offer 

- learns to work with big texts 

- retelling, learns to reduce read and to allocate the main thought of the text 

- gets acquainted with types of texts: text description, text reasoning, text narration 

- gets acquainted with scientific and art texts

Responses of parents

Reviews of parents of work of House of Children's Creativity Training center

Tyanina Lilia Vladimirovna

My daughter goes to "The house of children's creativity" the 4th year. At first sight term not big, but seems to me that the center was always. We came by the territorial principle and just because here for the first time did not refuse to us. Then Marishka visited the group for disabled children organized on the basis of kindergarten and only began to speak. Since then we replaced three gardens, began and gave up occupations in chorus, changed the residence, and visits of the center - remained though it was necessary to go to Krylatskoye since other end of the city.

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