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It is the block of the developing and creative occupations with game breaks, the organization of leisure of children.


In the center the all-developing programs for children are developed.

- Preparation for school - (Development of the speech. Training in the diploma. Development of elementary mathematical representations)

- English

- Graphic creativity

- Music

- Let's teach children to read (in detail)


Modes of visits of occupations:

Monday - Friday

     from 09:00 till 13:00 (morning groups)

     from 16:00 till 18:30 (evening groups)


In game breaks children  are in time:

 - To look at a doll performance.

 - To make a hand-made article with own hands.

 - To listen to the fairy tale or to play.

 - Will get acquainted with the world around and rules of etiquette.


Teaching staff

 Preparation for school  Smagina Nadezhda Yurevna
 English  Savina Marina Dmitriyevna
 Graphic creativity  Lavrinenko Valeria Vladimirovna
           Syagayeva Elena Georgiyevna
                    Filina Alyona Dmitriyevna


                                         In game rooms tutors work.


That it will be required to you for occupations:

          The child at the request of parents can master one or several training programs. In the center it is possible to pick up the suitable scheme of occupations: from two times a week to five. If the child attends a complex of classes, it is in addition not necessary to buy anything - he is provided with workbooks, paints, paper, etc. to the Child light and convenient clothes, replaceable footwear will be required.

  In our center there are game and educational rooms which conform to all health requirements. Occupations take place in small group. It provides personal attention, and individual approach to each child.

            The complete list of necessary things, documents and the contract can be taken from the administrator in the center.


You can register in occupation having called by phone 8(495)413-00-84

Responses of parents

Reviews of parents of work of House of Children's Creativity Training center

Tyanina Lilia Vladimirovna

My daughter goes to "The house of children's creativity" the 4th year. At first sight term not big, but seems to me that the center was always. We came by the territorial principle and just because here for the first time did not refuse to us. Then Marishka visited the group for disabled children organized on the basis of kindergarten and only began to speak. Since then we replaced three gardens, began and gave up occupations in chorus, changed the residence, and visits of the center - remained though it was necessary to go to Krylatskoye since other end of the city.

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