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  This program meets the requirements of relevance and pedagogical expediency. Relevance of the program in the solution of speech problems at preschool children.

The program purpose – overcoming speech violations.

Program tasks:

  - formation of the correct sound pronunciation;

   - development of the coherent speech, expansion of a lexicon;

   - development of acoustical and visual attention and memory;

   - development emotionally – the strong-willed sphere.


  The program offers training of children of mainly preschool age and is calculated on 1-2 years of training (depending on complexity of speech violation).

 Forms and mode of occupations:

           - form of work is individual

           - occupations 2 times a week 20 minutes.

The expected results:

              By the end of training pupils have to

  • to use in the independent speech, correctly said sounds, and also to increase the passive and active lexicon;
  • to learn to use grammatical right verbose phrases in the speech;
  • to learn and to accurately pronounce various tongue twisters, chistogovorka, poems;
  • to seize skills of the sound analysis;
  • to distinguish on hearing and in own pronouncing the mixed sounds;
  • to increase the general level of development of the speech.

Responses of parents

Reviews of parents of work of House of Children's Creativity Training center

Tyanina Lilia Vladimirovna

My daughter goes to "The house of children's creativity" the 4th year. At first sight term not big, but seems to me that the center was always. We came by the territorial principle and just because here for the first time did not refuse to us. Then Marishka visited the group for disabled children organized on the basis of kindergarten and only began to speak. Since then we replaced three gardens, began and gave up occupations in chorus, changed the residence, and visits of the center - remained though it was necessary to go to Krylatskoye since other end of the city.

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