Psychologist Filina Alyona Dmitriyevna 


The harmonious contact with parents is the cornerstone of development of the identity of the child. The emotional barriers arising between parents and the child slow down his development. How to help parents to feel the child and to understand him? 


The special occupations developed by the psychologist and the teacher are directed to formation of the emotional relations in system mother child.

Occupations take place in process of joint and undivided activity of mother and child, with use of the didactic games aimed at the development of creative abilities of the preschool child.



Purpose of our occupations: to create the developing environment by means of which they learn the world around children enrich a lexicon, develop intelligence, an outlook, personal qualities.


In the program:

Development of the speech

Development of mathematical representations

Small motility


Application, molding, drawing


Acquaintance with the world around

Independence development 

Didactic games


That it will be required to you for occupations:


      In our center there are educational and game rooms. Occupations take place in groups of 6-8 people, with use of methodical materials and manuals. Classes are given 2 times a week: two lessons 20 minutes or one lesson 30 minutes. The child will need light and convenient clothes, do not forget replaceable footwear for yourself and the child. 


The complete list of necessary things, documents and the contract can be taken from the administrator in the center. You can register in occupation having called by phone of the center 8(495)413-00-84 or the teacher Filina Alyona Dmitriyevna +79031050129



Responses of parents

Reviews of parents of work of House of Children's Creativity Training center

Tyanina Lilia Vladimirovna

My daughter goes to "The house of children's creativity" the 4th year. At first sight term not big, but seems to me that the center was always. We came by the territorial principle and just because here for the first time did not refuse to us. Then Marishka visited the group for disabled children organized on the basis of kindergarten and only began to speak. Since then we replaced three gardens, began and gave up occupations in chorus, changed the residence, and visits of the center - remained though it was necessary to go to Krylatskoye since other end of the city.

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