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Special offer!!!

In our Center for "Preschool lyceum" the discount for friends works!

You come to one group together - a discount of 500 rubles, three together - a discount of 750 rubles, four together – 1000 rubles.

       * Children who already attend our classes also can receive this discount, having invited 1-4 more people in the group. The discount is not summarized with already provided discounts.

Responses of parents

Reviews of parents of work of House of Children's Creativity Training center

Tyanina Lilia Vladimirovna

My daughter goes to "The house of children's creativity" the 4th year. At first sight term not big, but seems to me that the center was always. We came by the territorial principle and just because here for the first time did not refuse to us. Then Marishka visited the group for disabled children organized on the basis of kindergarten and only began to speak. Since then we replaced three gardens, began and gave up occupations in chorus, changed the residence, and visits of the center - remained though it was necessary to go to Krylatskoye since other end of the city.

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